How beautiful is this place? Me and Lovis went to Copenhagen, Denmark in mid July. It’s famous port Nyhavn is such a  colorful and vibrant place with a lot of bares and restaurant right next to the open ocean. You can sit there and have lunch with smelling the salty sea. Yes it… View Post

Cruis’n through town in boyfriend jeans, heels and stripes. Since Thibault aka Mr French was here this weekend I got inspired to wear stripes. So Bonjour, Comment Ça va? And that’s officially all I know in french haha.. I’m off work today, writing a little on a packing list for London. Also, I’m… View Post

    Going back to my roots! I’m not a natural brunette and although I really liked the dark hair I felt like it was time to go back to my natural hair color. I’ve been going to a girl called Stephanie at Salong Bangs in Stockholm. She’s the only… View Post

  It’s getting colder and colder out guys, time to keep warm. Here’s some of my favorite online goodies right now! Today I woke up really late, had a long weekend with Ida and Thibault. This tired little lady is not used to going out partying two days in a row… View Post

Okay guys, this dress is probably one of my best buys to be honest. Found it as first on freepeople’s web shop but my size had sold out, fortunately I work with a Swedish online clothing boutique myself and I we have this brand too! Happy me. I wear it daytime with flat… View Post

..London! As per usual haha. I’ll be going back in mid November and leave two days before they open the gates to Winter wonderland, so sad I didn’t think about that when I booked. Although that might force me to go back in December. Am I right or am I right? Thanks… View Post

This is the perfect bomber jacket if you live in a colder country like I do! I present to you the padded, quilted, green bomber. Just let that combo sink in my friends. This is exactly what I need living in a country that goes from ‘okay, I can live with this’… View Post